Know Life to see decay


Then and now. A look at a medical ward in the 1900s compared to a scene in The Knick. (courtesy of Stanley B. Burns, MD & The Burns Archive)


this video is my religion, my bible, my everything. i feel this in my bones 

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Eartha Kitt by Gordon Parks, New York 1952

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"Just knowing you exist changed the world for me"

- Tiffanie DeBartolo (via psych-facts)

"Love always hopes. Always. You know what this means? Love holds on to eventual development."

- Judah Smith, this sermon  (via godmoves)

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This is beautiful.

this made me so deeply sad.

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"People need to be encouraged. People need to be reminded of how wonderful they are. People need to be believed in—told that they are brave and smart and capable of accomplishing all the dreams they dream and more. Remind each other of this."

- Stacey Jean Speer (via stoneyxochi)

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"We took such care of tomorrow, but died on the way there."

- Warsan Shire (via arabarabarab)

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"Take wrong turns. Talk to strangers. Open unmarked doors. And if you see a group of people in a field, go find out what they are doing. Do things without always knowing how they’ll turn out. You’re curious and smart and bored, and all you see is the choice between working hard and slacking off. There are so many adventures that you miss because you’re waiting to think of a plan. To find them, look for tiny interesting choices. And remember that you are always making up the future as you go."

- Randall Munroe (via merde-noms)

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"So many of us choose our path out of fear disguised as practicality"

Actual idol

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